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Limited Edition.

Unlimited Ethos.

/ Our Award-Winning 2013 Limited Edition Organic Greek Fir Honey

Classic Hellenism.

Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Go Spartan.

Keep it simple; use what you need.

That was the way our ancestors lived their lives and it’s the same way we produce our olive oil and honey. Our methods of production may be using modern technology but our products are just as pure and authentic as they were thousands of years ago.

Organic. Raw. Sustainable.

Our extra virgin olive oil is certified organic and independently lab tested ensuring the highest quality with a maximum free acidity of .3%. Because our olives are cold-pressed the temperature never exceeds 86 degrees Fahrenheit allowing many natural vitamins and nutrients to stay intact through the entire lifecycle of production all the way to your table.
Our olive oil is hand picked and pressed within 10 hours to ensure the highest quality